EVERSON — Despite the name, the folks at Probably Shouldn’t Distillery decided recently that they probably should use their distilling powers for something quite unique.

The distillery got the go-ahead from the federal government March 17 to begin producing hand sanitizer from the alcohol already on hand in the distillery. But the idea was born before the severity of the COVID-19 crisis was known.

Mariah Butenschoen co-owns Probably Shouldn’t with her husband, Shawn.

“I teach at Lynden High School,” Mariah said. “We were kind of joking about it at school, like ‘What if we cancel school?’ I said I should make hand sanitizer.”

Then, indeed, on March 13 school was canceled for six weeks, and Mariah told Shawn maybe they should produce hand sanitizer because it had become so hard to find and they have the ingredients readily available.

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