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Our Story

Probably Shouldn’t”. . . it’s become something of a mantra for us because we have heard it so many times. It’s the response we have come to expect when we have a new idea.

From planting blueberries on our property, to certifying organic, to opening a craft distillery on our now organic farm; we have repeatedly been told we shouldn’t do something.

Our distillery name is a defiant nod to that sentiment. It’s also a nod to anyone who has ever stayed up a little too late and been asked, “You want another round?” The response is generally, “Probably shouldn’t.” But we often do it anyway.

As a former heavy equipment mechanic and a current high school English teacher, our distillery brings to life our shared values of hard work and not taking “no” for an answer, clear communication, cultivating strong relationships, supporting local businesses and celebrating life’s simple moments by laughing together.


~Mariah & Shawn Butenschoen

Our Location

3595 Breckenridge Rd, Everson, WA 98247 • 360-410-1632Google Map

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