Our premium brandy is combined with organic blueberries, brown sugar, vanilla bean, and cinnamon sticks to make a unique liqueur perfect for sipping straight.

What could be more reminiscent of summer and harvest than a freshly-baked berry pie? We have captured that flavor and aroma in our Blueberry Pie Liqueur. Made from whole, organic blueberries sweetened with brown sugar, cinnamon stick, and vanilla beans, the aroma demands your attention as soon as you open the bottle. The taste that follows is equally attention-grabbing. This liqueur is perfect for sipping over ice, or for passing around the campfire.

Use Probably Shouldn’t Blueberry Pie Liqueur as a float in a Mimosa, in a Margarita, or for something really different, try a Gingersnap. Pour 2 ounces Probably Shouldn’t Blueberry Pie Liqueur into a glass of Irish Death Strong Ale. It tastes like a gingersnap cookie. Not kidding (see our Blueberry Pie Liqueur Recipes post).