Our Washington apple brandy is aged in American Oak barrels for a smooth and subtle finish.

Charlemagne mentions apples in alcoholic beverages back in the 8th century. Gilles Picot from France was distilling apples in 1553. Apply Brandy has been sold commercially in the US since before the Declaration Of Independence.  Probably Shouldn’t’s handcrafted, small-batch, Apple Brandy represents the finest of this long tradition.  And why shouldn’t it?  Washington State produces almost 2/3 of the apples in the United States, which gives us access to the best fruit available.

The aroma of brandy is one of its greatest attributes, and Probably Shouldn’t Apple Brandy doesn’t disappoint.  The nose is like walking into a bakery with the sweet smell of rich glazes and vanilla.  When you taste our Apple Brandy the flavors of spice, wood, and vanilla blend with the fruit leaving your mouth savoring the best of a long tradition of Apple Brandy. We probably shouldn’t say this, but both Charlemagne and Gilles Picot endorse our Apple Brandy.

Try our Probably Shouldn’t Apple Brandy in a Sidecar, a Manhattan, or straight in a warmed brandy snifter. For a fun Prohibition-era cocktail, try a Stone Fence (see our Apple Brandy Recipes post).